Consuming Product  C001
Sterilization for books
UV001 Sterilizer

Sterilization for equipment
UV002 Sterilizer with quartz plate

  • the elimination of microbiological organisms to achieve asepsis, a sterile microbial environment
  • a strong germicidal effect is provided by the light in the short-wave UVC band
  • micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeast's and protozoa can be destroyed
  • UVC works using a photolytic effect whereby the radiation destroys or inactivates the micro-organism so that it can no longer multiply
  • viruses are unable to grow and multiply by division, can only grow in living cells, so this machine can kill the host cell.
  • amongst the diseases caused by moulds, the most frequent are fungal infections of the skin and diseases of the mucous membranes.
  • reflectance of various materials to UV 254 nm
  • surface purification generally requires high-intensity short-wave UV light
  • two-year warranty, power supply 110~240V
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